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Chaac Ventures

Case study 


Andrew Armour, Managing partner of Chaac Ventures came to us after our webinar for emerging fund managers “How to build investor relations and raise capital for your fund”. Chaac Ventures is focused on Princeton University graduates being deeply involved in the Princeton University ecosystem. They were raising 50M Fund II and at that moment they had $2,1M committed. They had 330 investor leads in the pipeline and the majority were in the “Warm-up more” stage.


The challenge they experienced was engaging investors after the first call and getting more potential LPs in their pipeline. One of the main frustrating questions was setting up calls with new family offices.

Client goals

  • Engage existing leads and move them through the pipeline

  • Create a sense of urgency for investors while at the same time determining whether a lead is a short-term, Fund II lead, or a longer-term relationship for Fund III and beyond.

  • Get new leads and increase the pipeline from the following target groups: family offices with AUM $100+ and VC experience, high net worth individuals, angel investors, fund of funds, VC funds investing in emerging fund managers, smaller fund managers, corporations, and companies. 

  • Convert leads from emails to meetings one-on-one. The first call should be with the decision-maker.

  • Create the momentum to shorten the time of hearing back after the first call and meeting that went well.

  • Leverage existing personal network and create a pipeline of connectors making intros.



  • 330 investor leads in the pipeline. 75% in the “Warm-up more” stage with low momentum.

  • No warm introductions coming from the personal networks.

  • No regular outreach campaigns. 


  • 1000+ investor leads in the pipeline.

  • Activated personal network and a new pipeline of connectors making regular LP introductions.

  • Email campaigns response rate is more than 20%.

  • 80+ potential LP intro calls and roadshow meetings.

  • $7M worth of new potential investors in the pipeline in the “Considering” and “Close call/meeting” stages.



“Working with the Allynity team on closing our Fund II was a great value on a high level. It showed us how much more effort is needed to raise funds than we think we were approaching it.

The whole process of the outreach was very good and very useful, and definitely raised our game that led to investors closing. It changed significantly how our messaging worked. We saw a big difference in investor response rate.

We are going to engage with Allynity once again as soon as we launch our Fund III which will happen pretty soon.’’


Andrew Armour, Managing Partner at Chaac Ventures

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